Top 3 advantages of selecting the right technology partner for your IT needs!

Our main business strategy is to attract SME companies who often find it difficult to effectively manage both the business and technology aspects of software product development.

We offer them to be their software house for all technology requirements, and it helps them to concentrate more on where they are good at, i.e. getting business. This approach eventually turns out to be a mutually rewarding engagement for both the customers and us.

Common Problems for SME customers:

1. Continuously evolving technologies means that they need to evolve their product offerings to remain competitive.
2. Having a dedicated in-house IT team doesn’t work for most SMEs, due to the increased cost and liabilities of having people employed.
3. The over-burdened middle management team lacks complex project and technology management skills.

Here is where our opportunity to become a “Preferred Technology partner” comes into the picture.

Selecting iT Gurus Software as your preferred technology partner has the following advantages:

1. We provide expertise in the latest cutting-edge technologies so that the customer can remain competitive in the product market.
2. Value addition while developing the software.
3. Lower cost to market and increased speed to market. The cost-saving helps customers to focus on the key strategic business model.

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