Finding Glitches With Automation Testing!

After any software/app is made, it has to be tested before its release. Testing it manually may result in spending more time behind the software/apps. Also for every error, you need to do repetitive work.

With the iT Gurus Software, after we build your software/apps, we test your products by using Automation Testing. Using Automation Testing helps in finding bugs and errors accurately. Automation Testing tools also help in saving the previous errors and learn as per the progress automatically and helps in finding the bugs more efficiently!

At the iT gurus, we have the most dedicated team of Automation Testing who knows their duties well and are clear on what task they are performing. This helps us deliver the projects error-free and within the given time.

As the technologies have become more human-friendly, we at it Gurus adopt all the latest and upcoming technologies for better results and performance. Automation Testing is one of the modern technologies and its capability of learning by previous findings saves on a lot of business time.

So if you want to get your projects released creative and error-free, the iT Gurus is the place you contact. Click for more details on Automation Testing and other IT services!

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Want to get the best IT Services?

Ever wondered about getting software for your business operations to run faster and smoother?

Ever thought about contacting an IT company to build your software?

If yes, then you are reading the right article!

We at iT Gurus Software help you develop software and applications for your business to make you run a smart company. We believe in providing you with the best software that can run error-free and those that are the most scalable. Hence, we build our software using VAPT and HIPAA security!

Along with developing the most scalable and secure products, we also provide other IT services to you. Also, to add on, we do provide you with the best Digital Marketing services for your websites and business to be always on top of the search list!

So if you want to have a budget-friendly software, web and mobile applications, services that can take your business on the top, and 100% security, contact the iT Gurus software now and be a part of the most creative world of IT!

To know more, click 

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Know The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Requirements!

Having a business means efforts, smart work, making the right decisions and cost-cutting!

Many of us want to work smart. Hence, we try and introduce software to soften our daily work. Software like the CRMs are best to manage the data. Also, an attractive website works like icing on the cake!

To build these things in your office, you may have to hire a team that can make these things possible. But what after that … Now the maintenance of these things is never done daily unless it’s built with errors. So eventually, you end up paying salaries to your team keeping a hope that they might help you out once the maintenance is required!

Now if we go to the start, we also mentioned cost-cutting for having a scalable business. So how to get out of these problems?

It’s really simple. You can easily outsource your IT work to companies like the iT Gurus Software, to make software and design websites for your business.

The iT Gurus Software are well known in the market to deliver successful, scalable and 100% secure products to their clients. All this with keeping your budget in mind!

After the product is delivered and is live, the maintenance and way to use the products are briefed by the iT Gurus to you. This helps you in managing your finances accordingly.

The iT Gurus Software is known to make products causing less or no maintenance! This helps the clients to be more focused on their business strategies. Now they simply do not have any liability to hire a separate IT team and pay them. The team of iT Gurus software does it all for you!

So we believe to be smart in our work and save our cost for a better profit … And this is possible by simply outsourcing your IT projects to companies like the Gurus!

The iT Gurus are pretty accessible and handle projects for PAN India. You can contact them by clicking at the link given below!

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Know why iT Gurus Software is one of the most trusted companies present in the market today!

There are many software development companies present in the market today. Some are budget-friendly and some are quick in delivering the products. However, there are just a few companies that can provide you with the safest, fastest, trusted, and budget-friendly IT products.

The iT Gurus is one of the most trusted companies present in the market today! iT Gurus Software is committed to delivering more than customer’s expectations on all counts. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

Our team is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on commercial project experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service.

We believe to become the preferred partner of our customers, by creating great value at ZERO risks to the customers, and all the gurus at iT Gurus Software share the same mission and are repeatedly successful in exceeding the same.

We recognize ‘innovative solutions’ as part of our values. Our purpose of innovation is to create higher value for our customers. We at iT Gurus Software are committed to providing the customers with value for money by providing solutions that fulfill their business in IT goals at unmatched quality.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship with the customer with continuous improvement in various processes and phases and wherever cost reduction or process improvement is possible passing the benefit to the customer.

We’ve become our customer’s preferred technology partner as a result of the following

  • We use technology to the advantage of our customer’s business and our own.
  • We provide our customers with world-class service and a high-quality team.
  • We qualify our candidates to ensure a 100% match to job specifications.
  • We meet and exceed our customer’s stated requirements.
  • We believe in the building of long-term business relations with our customers.
  • We add value in terms of quality, delivery, and integrity.

So why wait to convert your business into a brand? Click now for more details!

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Are we living with AI systems around us?

In today’s world, the working capacity of humans has certainly increased. Thanks to the trending technologies that help us work more efficiently. However, we humans are always thirsty for more inventions so that we can focus on multiple topics at a time.

We always think about having a system that can automatically learn from the work it does. Hence, Artificial Intelligence, AKA, AI integrated systems were invented.

AI is a technology that is used in software so that the software can learn from previous and new data entered in it. It acts like a human and gives zero errors as an outcome.

We are surrounded by AI systems when we may not even know about it. To give you a few examples, we use mobile, voice command devices, chat-bots, cars, etc are some of the things which we use daily that are AI integrated.

And how? Well, it’s simple! Recently the voice command devices are trending. They can play music for you, give you weather reports, wake you up, switch on your electronic devices. All you need to do is send the device a voice command! The device can actually talk with you!

Then we have the chat-bots. Do you think that when you visit any website and want to ask some questions via chat and you get replied from a human? Well, no! those are the chat-bots programmed to answer your queries!

Even your mobile phone’s applications and cars are AI integrated. That’s why they call it smartphones! And cars, well in cars you get voice assist, auto parking, adaptable reverse parking sensors, memory to seat adjust, auto gear shift and much more! All these magic tricks of your daily usable things are done by AI!

But how and who build these magical software for us? Aren’t they so user friendly? They help us get through our day with such ease!

To give you the smoothest example, at iT Gurus Software, we build the most scalable and trusted AI systems for our clients. We make the systems along with 100% security so that our clients face zero amount of errors.

The iT Gurus Software is known as one of the best makers of AI software in India. The iT Gurus Software has a dedicated team of experts who make creative, unique and the most secure AI system for our clients.

So let us gear up for the next-gen technologies with the iT Gurus and step into the future with the most trusted AI systems!

Hurry! Click to get your budget-friendly AI integrated systems!

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Know how the iT Gurus build 100% Secured Healthcare Systems!

We are in a world where many software are launched for our daily work to get simplified!

We all know that saving our vital data on our computers or phones is never safe. Hence secured software are introduced in the market to save your data and simplify your daily work.

Today we will be talking about software that are designed for healthcare. As we all know that healthcare professionals are loaded with vital data. They have to be sure about the software that they are using. Hence, they go for some heavily built software to protect their data.

However, by using a heavily built software, you may have to compromise on the easiness of its usage. There are many software in the market which are complicated to use. This may make the user give up on the software at a point, as no one wants to waste their time in filling tons on information to login.

Let’s go ahead and talk about a company that can help you with 100% secure, scalable and successful products to soften your daily work and keeping your budget in mind.

The iT Gurus Software … iT Gurus Software was incorporated in the year 2009 in Mumbai. We started as an app development company providing multiple IT related services to our clients. App development, Website design and development, and iOS app development are some of our well versed key areas. We are known as a consulting firm specializing in cutting edge and highly skilled technology areas. We also have a massive circle of outsourcing companies in Pune and Mumbai.

At iT Gurus Software, we believe in maintaining a well-versed business approach, covering process, delivery, business and technology innovations that help to work collaboratively with customers.

The perfect knowledge of producing products that are successful, scalable and 100% secure makes us the real Gurus of technology. We definitely are a budget-friendly App Development Company in Pune! Having superb expertise in Web design and development!

The iT Gurus Software has proved the security issues wrong as we build the healthcare software using HIPAA security, AKA Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act. HIPAA is an act of security used to build healthcare software. The iT Gurus makes the software ready by providing inbuilt HIPAA security for the product to be 100% secure and scalable! Using HIPAA in the software helps your data to get encrypted and be safe on the server!

Along with the security part, iT Gurus are well known to develop easy to use and successful healthcare software. As the software are user-friendly, they are safe and easy enough to be used in daily work.

So if you want a secured healthcare software, you can now contact The iT gurus and experience the future of information technology!

To know more, you can click on

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Get Branded With iT Gurus!

Behind every successful company, stands a set of satisfied employees. We all know that an employee works harder and smarter when he/she is completely satisfied with the company he/she is working with. Taking care of employees and motivating them for better performance is the key to success.

Understanding the needs of employees and finding the right and quick solution to their problems makes the employees work for the company more flawlessly!

At iT Gurus Software, we do consider all our employees as our work family. We and our employees support each other in any difficult or healthy situation. Our work culture is one of the best cultures in any working environment.

We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, we often organize cultural events, R&Rs for appreciation, and team outings to some transcendental places so that we and our employees can jell up well with each other!

We also keep a healthy work window and are glad to have a set of talented employees who are always on their toes to finish their work tasks. We have a healthy and helping atmosphere in our offices where all our employees can seek the help of each other and solve their work-related problems by themselves!

At iT Gurus Software, employees are trained and processed to be self-managed so that our heads and managers can take care of other critical work issues. Having this environment in the office has actually helped us complete our projects before the deadline.

iT Gurus Software is one of the software companies that have 0% errors or client complaints! All this due to the positive environment that we follow and an understanding relation between the management and the employees.

So why wait! Even you can be a part of the most appealing and satisfying work environment. Click on to know about our open positions and be a part of our family!

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Website Design & Development

When we think about starting a business, the first thing that comes into our mind is having a website that can cover the entire business idea.

A website is not just something that we find on the world web, but it’s our business identity. It’s the first impression for many. We can say that the main business that we get, comes from our website visitors.

Today, there are millions of websites trending on the internet. So how can you build your business website different from others?

There are several platforms to construct a website. Nowadays, you can get online designs to build your website. However, you may not be able to add or cover all the points and details which you want your clients to know.

A website is built using languages like HTML, C#, Angular JS, and Node JS. These languages are majorly used in building any professional website. Website development is always a challenge because each website has to be different from others.

As we are unsure about the same, we fetch other companies that are experts in website development. And that is what exactly the iT Gurus Software does for you.

iT Gurus Software is a well known IT company, which has mastered in Website Designing and Developing. Have over 100s of satisfied clients, the iT Gurus Software has built revolutionary websites for each of their clients.

At the iT Gurus Software, they have a dedicated team that researches and develops websites for their clients, keeping the budget in mind.

As per the countless list of satisfied clients, the iT Gurus Software is one of the best companies in designing and developing websites for you. iT Gurus Software is also known to build budget-friendly websites for their clients.

So if you are wondering about your business website development, the iT Gurus Software is the right place for you!

Click for more details!

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Technology That Matches Your Needs!

The iT Gurus Software is well established in the market since 2009 with the tagline of the best website and app development company in Mumbai and Pune! Our main business strategy is to attract SME companies who often find it difficult to effectively manage both the business and technology aspects of software product development.

We offer them to be their software house for all technology requirements, and it helps them to concentrate more where they are good at, i.e. getting new business. This approach eventually turns out to be a mutually rewarding engagement for both, the customers and for us.

We understand the needs of our clients and develop products to make their work easier than before. We are time-based and complete the projects within the deadlines. We make user-friendly apps to engage more audience for you. We are budget-friendly and the Best App Development Company in Pune!

We focus on creativity and uniqueness in Web design and development. We operate from Mumbai and Pune for easy availability to serve our clients faster and better.

We are the Best in class iOS App Development Company in Pune. 100% safe in Outsourcing Companies in Pune and Mumbai Awarded by the prestigious SE3B rating by CRISIL Masters of producing AI and Machine Learning systems Transcendental Digital Marketing Services ALEXA integrated mobile and web applications. Experience in launching successful, scalable and 100% secure products for our clients Providing free security using VAPT and HIPPA.

So if you want your software to be 100% safe and scalable, you can click for more details and get exciting products that can engage more audiences for you!

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Chatbots At Your Service!

The world is full of giant companies that provide you with unthinkable services! Businesses like banks, online shopping, car/bike manufacturers, IT companies, etc have a huge customer list. Each day, these companies receive tons of queries from would-be, new or existing customers. So how do these companies manage to handle all the customers at once?

All these companies do have a customer service department. However, we all know that it is indeed a long wait to get through a customer care representative. Hence, all these companies have researched the FAQs that the customers have and have set an automated chat system named Chatbot!

A chatbot is capable to handle 90% of the questions that the customer asks and it learns automatically with any new query asked by a customer. Chatbot’s ability to self-learn and answer tons of customers at the same time helps to save the company with unwanted manpower. Chatbots have a mind of their own and can grasp and think before answering to a particular query.

With Chatbots at our service, we can say that we have already stepped into the future.

Many company owners look out for IT companies to build a Chatbot for them. However, building a Chatbot is never easy. It requires a heavy amount of research and someone who can put human-like brains inside a Chatbot for auto thinking and learning!

IT companies like the iT Gurus Software has mastered in making human-like chatbots for their clients. iT Gurus Software has a separate team that builds and maintains the Chatbots for their clients. The iT Gurus Software is known to build budget-friendly Chatbots for their clients! With security kept on priority, iT Gurus have a record of making their projects 100% secure and scalable.

So if you want to know more about Chatbots or want to have one for your company, you can contact the iT Gurus team by clicking on this link and the Gurus will be at your service!

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