Manage your Business with the latest technologies!

Our main business strategy is to attract SME companies who often find it difficult to effectively manage both the business and technology aspects of software product development.

We offer them to be their software house for all technology requirements, and it helps them to concentrate more where they are good at, i.e. getting business. This approach eventually turns out to be a mutually rewarding engagement for both the customers and for us.

Common Problems for SME customers:

1. Continuously evolving technologies means that they need to evolve their product offerings to remain competitive.
2. Having a dedicated in-house IT team doesn’t work for most of the SMEs, due to the increased cost and liabilities of having people employed.
3. The over-burdened middle management team lacks complex project and technology management skills.

Here is where our opportunity to become a “Preferred Technology partner” comes into the picture.

Selecting iT Gurus Software as your preferred technology partner has the following advantages:

1. We provide expertise in the latest cutting-edge technologies so that the customer can remain competitive in the product market.
2. Value addition while developing the software.
3. Lower cost to market and increased speed to market. The cost-saving helps customers to focus on the key strategic business model.

iT Gurus Software is known to offer the best services in iOS app development and Android App Development. iT Gurus Software has a strong hand in developing smart ALEXA integrated mobile and web applications for you. iT Gurus Software holds the first rank being the best mobile app development company in India!

So why wait? Get the best software, apps, and other smart IT technologies at work. Click now for more details!

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Helping our clients with 100% scalable IT solutions!

Having a business means efforts, smart work, making the right decisions, and cost-cutting! Many of us want to work smart. Hence, we try and introduce software to soften our daily work. Software like CRMs are best to manage the data. Also, an attractive website works like icing on the cake!

To build these things in your office, you may have to hire a team that can make these things possible. But what after that … Now the maintenance of these things is never done daily unless it’s built with errors. So eventually, you end up paying salaries to your team keeping a hope that they might help you out once the maintenance is required!

Now if we go to the start, we also mentioned cost-cutting for having a scalable business. So how to get out of these problems? It’s really simple. You can easily outsource your IT work to companies like the iT Gurus Software, to make software and design websites for your business.

The iT Gurus Software are well known in the market to deliver successful, scalable, and 100% secure IT products to their clients. All this with keeping your budget in mind!

After the product is delivered and is live, the maintenance and way to use the products are briefed by the iT Gurus to you. This helps you in managing your finances accordingly.

The iT Gurus Software is known to make products causing less or no maintenance! This helps the clients to be more focused on their business strategies. Now they simply do not have any liability to hire a separate IT team and pay them. The team of iT Gurus software does it all for you!

So we believe to be smart in our work and save our costs for a better profit … And this is possible by simply outsourcing your IT projects to companies like the iT Gurus Software!

The iT Gurus Software is pretty accessible and handles projects for PAN India. You can contact them by clicking on the link given below!

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Get error-free IT Products with the best Automation Testing Services!

After any software/app is made, it has to be tested before its release. Testing it manually may result in spending more time behind the software/apps. Also for every error, you need to do repetitive work.

With the iT Gurus Software, after we build your software/apps, we test your products by using Automation Testing. Using Automation Testing helps in finding bugs and errors accurately. Automation Testing tools also help in saving the previous errors and learning as per the progress automatically and help in finding the bugs more efficiently!

At the iT gurus, we have the most dedicated team of Automation Testing who knows their duties well and are clear on what task they are performing. This helps us deliver the projects error-free and within the given time.

As the technologies have become more human-friendly, we at it Gurus adopt all the latest and upcoming technologies for better results and performance. Automation Testing is one of the modern technologies and its capability of learning from previous findings saves a lot of business time.

Your search for the best mobile app development company in India ends at the iT Gurus Software! We believe in providing the best services and stand strong on our commitments!

So if you want to get your projects released creative and error-free, the iT Gurus is the place you contact. Click for more details on Automation Testing and other IT services!

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Get the most scalable and safest mobile and web-based applications at the iT Gurus Software!

We are living in today, and today is the time when we are surrounded and connected with transcendental technologies around us! We have many software, apps, websites for almost every business in the world. Holding hands with technology helps us to be noticed worldwide. If we talk about the benefits of today’s world technology, it may take a couple of days to list down all the benefits. However, where there are tons of benefits, there are certain look afters as well. No system or software is 100% secure or scalable. It’s us who try to get the IT products secured after we buy them, resulting in heavy expense and less satisfaction. We all prefer our data to be safe and accounts to be hack-proof. However, performing a security installation after using the IT product is almost as having no security, as the damage may have already begun.

So how do we stay away from hackers, unwanted viruses, and other related issues? Well, it’s really simple! All you have to do is get your security system installed while your software is being developed.

IT Gurus Software, a software/app development company from India, does exactly the same for its clients. They design the products keeping scalability and security on the priority list and hence, to date none of the iT Gurus clients have faced any problem in terms of product security.

After complete research of other systems that were hacked or dead due to the virus, iT Gurus tech team discovered that those systems facing security issues were either running without security, or they had the security installed after using the products. We have also discovered that even if the product is in use without any security and is running fine, may face a bit more expense to get the security installed in it. Hence, it is always scalable and secure to load the products with security systems while they are being made.

We usually neglect the security part while ordering or buying any software as we always want to try it first and then get it secured.

However, being in this habit may cause serious damage and the software may not be fixed ever. Let’s run with the technology with complete safety by opting for products that were built with security. Let’s be safe and let’s not promote pirated or crack versions as they may not be trusted by any means. Going for a certified security system comes with a specific warranty and can be maintained easily.

You can get in touch with the iT Gurus Software tech team for more information by clicking and get all the required updates on how we make your products achieve high success, scalability, and 100% security!

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Get the best apps for your iOS Gadgets!

In the world of mobiles, laptops, desktops, e-note books, the internet, etc, the world has come closer and has become smaller which fits in one single screen. However, to run these devices, we need some specific applications that can run smoothly and without hampering your device!

There are different makes of apps for different operating systems. We have tons of apps for Android, Windows, and iOS! Nowadays, people prefer buying iOS devices as they claim to be bug-free. Well … that is true at a point. The device is bug-free, however, the apps aren’t. We have to make the apps bug-free and hack-proof.

Knowing the high demand of today’s market where over 40% of people use iOS devices thinking about their bug-free life. But at the same time, they have to compromise on some specific applications which the iOS device doesn’t support. Well, to be honest, there are many applications that iOS devices don’t support or prohibit from downloading. Hence, companies like the iT Gurus Software launch their applications in versions of Windows, Android, and iOS so that all the users can download and install the user-friendly apps on their devices.

Let us discuss the Futuristic iOS App Development done by the iT Gurus Software! Now everyone wants to save time, hence we go for applications. Applications bring us the easy way in our daily personal and professional life. Developing iOS applications is not easy as it takes an immense amount of brain to design and build them with safety features!

The iT Gurus Software has a dedicated team that works day and night just to develop and study iOS applications. The maximum applications built by the Gurus are for professional use and are 100% safe and scalable! The iT Gurus Software targets making the applications user-friendly to save the users time to study the app or use it. Using a top-class security system while building the application is the USP of iT Gurus Software!

The iT Gurus Software has become the most favorite for many companies who believe in having the applications user-friendly, budget-friendly, successful, scalable, and 100% secure!

Developing the applications before the targeted deadline and testing the applications with a well-trained testing team make the Gurus stand tall in its class!


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Get the best AI Systems at the iT Gurus Software!

In today’s world, the working capacity of humans has certainly increased. Thanks to the trending technologies that help us work more efficiently. However, we humans are always thirsty for more inventions so that we can focus on multiple topics at a time.

We always think about having a system that can automatically learn from the work it does. Hence, Artificial Intelligence, AKA, AI integrated systems were invented.

AI is a technology that is used in software so that the software can learn from previous and new data entered in it. It acts like a human and gives zero errors as an outcome.

We are surrounded by AI systems when we may not even know about them. To give you a few examples, we use mobile, voice command devices, chat-bots, cars, etc are some of the things which we use daily that are AI integrated.

And how? Well, it’s simple! Recently the voice command devices are trending. They can play music for you, give you weather reports, wake you up, switch on your electronic devices. All you need to do is send the device a voice command! The device can actually talk with you!

Then we have the chat-bots. Do you think that when you visit any website and want to ask some questions via chat and you get replied from a human? Well, no! those are the chat-bots programmed to answer your queries!

Even your mobile phone’s applications and cars are AI integrated. That’s why they call it smartphones! And cars, well in cars you get voice assist, auto parking, adaptable reverse parking sensors, memory to seat adjust, auto gear shift, and much more! All these magic tricks of your daily usable things are done by AI!

But how and who build these magical software for us? Aren’t they so user-friendly? They help us get through our day with such ease!

To give you the smoothest example, at iT Gurus Software, we build the most scalable and trusted AI systems for our clients. We make the systems along with 100% security so that our clients face zero amount of errors.

The iT Gurus Software is known as one of the best makers of AI software in India. The iT Gurus Software has a dedicated team of experts who make creative, unique, and the most secure AI system for our clients.

So let us gear up for the next-gen technologies with the iT Gurus and step into the future with the most trusted AI systems!

Hurry! Click to get your budget-friendly AI integrated systems!

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These IT Services will increase your Business Wealth faster!

Today the market direction depends on innovation and getting your products to market quicker than your rivals. Delivering excellent quality and boosting productivity are also important. Hence, companies must continuously innovate and remodel themselves to stay ahead of the game!

When it comes to mobile applications, it is a must to choose the best android app development company or mobile app development company in India, or simply the best iOS app development company! With the iT Gurus Software, your quest comes to an end as we believe in presenting transcendental services to our clients!

iT Gurus Software offers the following services to our customers.

Software Services: Develop medium to large complexity end-to-end Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications.

Consultancy: Technical and process consultancy for optimized performance delivery.

Application Maintenance: Maintaining and enhancing enterprise and legacy applications.

Web design & Development: Develop websites making the best use of responsive design with bootstrap & special effects.

iOS App Development: Design and develop native iOS app & HTML5 websites.

Android App Development: Design and develop native Android app & HTML5 websites.

Digital Marketing: Best in class Digital Marketing service, to make your brands and business reach your target audience.

Automation Testing: All products tested using automation tools.

Application Maintenance: Developing applications of AI to provide systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience.

So why wait! Get a budget-friendly quotation now!

Click for more details!

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Get Budget-Friendly IT services at the iT Gurus Software!

We have been posting articles about our services and how our clients appreciate doing business with us. However, let’s find out how we made it until here, to become a transcendental IT service provider!

iT Gurus Software was incorporated in the year 2009 in Mumbai. We started as a website and application development company providing multiple IT-related services to our clients. App development, Website design and development, iOS app development, AI and Machine Learning system development, Digital Marketing services, Automation Testing, ALEXA integrated mobile and web applications, producing products that are successful, scalable, and 100% secure are some of our well versed key areas. We are known as a consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge and highly skilled technology areas. We also have a massive circle of outsourcing companies in Pune and Mumbai.

iT Gurus Software is a dedicated and committed web design and development company, having a track record of delivering more than customer’s expectations on all counts. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. We also stand strong in outsourcing companies in Pune and Mumbai.

Our team is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on commercial project experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service.

Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and collaboration, including business requirements definition, development of functional & technical specifications, system design, and overseeing development teams building the software to a standard that exceeds the expectations of the customer.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple projects. This is due to effectively directing team members in the development of software to ensure that all business requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.

At iT Gurus Software we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist customers with successfully implementing software requirements. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes iT Gurus Software the ideal choice for partnering to take care of the software needs. Our time-based services have made us the best web design and development company and not just web, but we also stand tall in iOS app development and Android app development.

At iT Gurus Software it is a business approach covering process, delivery, business, and technology innovations that help to work collaboratively with customers.

iT Gurus Software provides software application development and support services across the globe in both onshore and offshore models.
iT Gurus Software is uniquely positioned to create value and provide a competitive advantage to our customers.
iT Gurus Software helps customers exploit the latest innovations in technology.
iT Gurus Software has a reputation for delivering projects on budget, on time, and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

So why wait? Click and get your budget-friendly IT services!

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Be a part of the most appealing and satisfying work environment with the iT Gurus Software!

Behind every successful company, stands a set of satisfied employees. We all know that an employee works harder and smarter when he/she is completely satisfied with the company he/she is working with. Taking care of employees and motivating them for better performance is the key to success.

Understanding the needs of employees and finding the right and quick solution to their problems makes the employees work for the company more flawlessly!

At iT Gurus Software, we do consider all our employees as our work family. We and our employees support each other in any difficult or healthy situation. Our work culture is one of the best cultures in any working environment.

We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, we often organize cultural events, R&Rs for appreciation, and team outings to some transcendental places so that we and our employees can jell up well with each other!

We also keep a healthy work window and are glad to have a set of talented employees who are always on their toes to finish their work tasks. We have a healthy and helping atmosphere in our offices where all our employees can seek the help of each other and solve their work-related problems by themselves!

At iT Gurus Software, employees are trained and processed to be self-managed so that our heads and managers can take care of other critical work issues. Having this environment in the office has actually helped us complete our projects before the deadline.

iT Gurus Software is one of the software companies that have 0% errors or client complaints! All this is due to the positive environment that we follow and an understanding relation between the management and the employees.

So why wait! Even you can be a part of the most appealing and satisfying work environment. Click on now!

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Build your Business Websites with the iT Gurus Software!

Having a business means building a website for better reach. We now have many ways and many sites to build a website in the most convenient way. But at the same time, we also know that self-built websites are not satisfying enough. We cannot build a website by ourselves if our business is into e-commerce. All the website owners are always concerned about their website’s security. Hence, they spend less to build it and spend more on maintaining and protecting it.

Here at iT Gurus Software, we build your websites keeping security on priority. Websites like e-commerce with a payment gateway are built with keeping security on priority. iT Gurus Software has multiple teams to build the websites keeping them error-free and making them look the most attractive. A pro team of developers, designers, writers, marketing, strategy, etc work day and night to make your website the most creative, unique, and safe.

iT Gurus Software is known as the best after-sales support for their clients. We make the project error-free during developing it so that our clients do not face any issues after the website is live!

We make it a point that we discuss the exact thoughts that our clients have in their imagination, and we make the project beyond our client’s expectations. To make the websites with futuristic designs, easy to manure, secure, scalable, and successful is our USP.

We also have a research team who is always ready to monitor our client’s competitors so that we make sure that our client’s project is the most sight-catching in its area. We also do understand our client’s audience well and master all the sectors of business.

The iT Gurus Software does this for you with passion as our creators love what they are doing and take their jobs seriously for you to be satisfied.


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