Hiring at iT Gurus Software!

A company becomes a company when it has employees who can get the job done right, and in time. Hiring an employee is never easy as certain steps are supposed to be followed during recruitment. Many companies follow many strategies when it comes to recruitment. However, at iT Gurus, we follow the most efficient way of hiring our employees. Our employees have always turned out to be the best in the fields that they have been hired for!

Understanding the recruitment issues, iT Guru’s HR department uses SimplyRecruit® for hiring, so that they can reach out to a maximum number of candidates. Our process is automated and thanks to SimplyRecruit®. With us using SimplyRecruit®, our candidates can schedule their interview by themselves. With this, we always get a maximum footfall during the interview.

Our interview process is really simple. We hire our candidates by experience, knowledge, understanding, and being time-based. Hence, our interview process contains a machine test and an aptitude test to check if the candidates can solve the tests within the given time.

The employees that have been hired definitely get what they desire from the company. We follow a free work ambiance so that each employee gets their personal space while working.

We at iT Gurus are a set of people who are bonded professionally, and this helps us get our projects submitted for our clients within the deadlines! Our hiring team is strong and we hire those people who are strong enough to be a part of our family.

We are a proud company with 0% of complaints from our employees towards the management!

Lucky for you that we are on our hiring mode! So if you want to be a part of a fantastic work ambiance, click https://www.itgurussoftware.com/app-development-company-in-pune and apply! Our team will get back to you after shortlisting and in just a few steps, you will be in a transcendental state of working with the iT Gurus Software!

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