Are you looking for Budget-friendly, Safe, User-friendly, and Successful apps?

As many companies are working from home during this pandemic, the demand for user-friendly mobile and web applications has increased.

May it be a fast app for bank employees, or an app to generate reports for a sales team, or maybe a userfriendly app for HRs, or even healthcare apps for medical organizations, the demand has increased everywhere.

So how can you get the right mobile or web app that you and your team can use to continue your WFH smoothly?

Well, many IT companies can help you with the apps. However, just getting the app is not enough. The app has to be well tested and should be received in time. Also, the apps must be safe to use and must run on Andriod, Windows, and iOS devices without any glitches.

So to get the exact needs of your choice apps fulfilled, we present to you the iT Gurus Software!

iT Gurus Software is one of those IT companies that provide PAN India services and is loved by its clients to deliver 100% safe, secure and scalable IT products!

At iT Gurus Software, we have a team of best thinkers who know how to blend creativity, user-friendliness, and safety! At the iT Gurus Software, we believe in providing transcendental IT services to our clients to have the most amazing experience. We design apps for you, keeping your needs and budget in mind. 

So if you are wanting to have an app of your own choice to safely, easily, and successfully run your daily operations from office or home, then click to contact us now!

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Get 100% safe, secure, scalable, and budget-friendly IT products!

Mobile apps and software are built to make your daily work easy. Many companies launch different apps and software so that they can have more durability in providing services to their customers.

However, are these IT products safe to use? Can we trust them with our information?

Many questions come up in our minds thinking about cyber fraud and data security. We also wonder about, will the product sell well in the market and how people will like to use it.

Hence, at the iT Gurus Software, we design the products with the strongest security installed and keeping the usability in mind.

We design futuristic, yet budget-friendly IT products for our clients. We also understand the kind of audience who would be using the apps or software, and we design the products accordingly.

We make sure that the products are user-friendly and maintenance-free! This helps our clients get more customers for them.

So if you are wondering to get a futuristic IT product which is safe and easy to use with a low budget, contact us now!

Click for more info!

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A one-stop solution for all IT Service!

We have been posting articles about our services and how our clients appreciate doing business with us. However, let’s find out how we made it until here, to become a transcendental IT service provider!

iT Gurus Software was incorporated in the year 2009 in Mumbai. We started as a website and application development company providing multiple IT related services to our clients. App development, Website design and development, iOS app development, AI and Machine Learning system development, Digital Marketing services, Automation Testing, ALEXA integrated mobile and web applications, producing products that are successful, scalable, and 100% secure are some of our well versed key areas. We are known as a consulting firm specializing in cutting edge and highly skilled technology areas. We also have a massive circle of outsourcing companies in Pune and Mumbai.

iT Gurus Software is a dedicated and committed web design and development company, having a track record of delivering more than customer’s expectations on all counts. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. We also stand strong in outsourcing companies in Pune and Mumbai.

Our team is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on commercial project experience, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service.

Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and collaboration, including business requirements definition, development of functional & technical specifications, system design, and overseeing development teams building the software to a standard that exceeds the expectations of the customer.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple projects. This is due to effectively directing team members in the development of software to ensure that all business requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.

At iT Gurus Software we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist customers with successfully implementing software requirements. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes iT Gurus Software the ideal choice for partnering to take care of the software needs. Our time-based services have made us the best web design and development company and not just web, but we also stand tall in iOS app development and Android app development.

At iT Gurus Software it is a business approach covering process, delivery, business, and technology innovations that help to work collaboratively with customers.

  • iT Gurus Software provides software application development and support services across the globe in both onshore and offshore models.
  • iT Gurus Software is uniquely positioned to create value and provide a competitive advantage to our customers.
  • iT Gurus Software helps customers exploit the latest innovations in technology.

iT Gurus Software has a reputation for delivering projects on budget, on time, and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

So why wait? Click and get your budget-friendly IT services! 

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This is how we make Technology match your needs!

We understand the needs of our clients and develop products to make their work easier than before. We are time-based and complete the projects within the deadlines. We make user-friendly apps to engage more audience for you. We are budget-friendly and the Best App Development Company in Pune!

We offer our clients to be their software house for all technology requirements, which helps them to concentrate more where they are good at, i.e. getting new business. This approach eventually turns out to be a mutually rewarding engagement for both, the customers and for us.

We focus on creativity and uniqueness in Web design and development. We operate from Mumbai and Pune for easy availability to serve our clients faster and better.

The iT Gurus Software is well established in the market since 2009 with the tagline of the best website and app development company in Mumbai and Pune! Our main business strategy is to attract SME companies who often find it difficult to effectively manage both the business and technology aspects of software product development.

We are the Best in class iOS App Development Company in Pune. 100% safe in Outsourcing Companies in Pune and Mumbai Awarded by the prestigious SE3B rating by CRISIL Masters of producing AI and Machine Learning systems Transcendental Digital Marketing Services ALEXA integrated mobile and web applications. Experience in launching successful, scalable, and 100% secure products for our clients Providing free security using VAPT and HIPAA.

So if you want your software to be 100% safe and scalable, you can click for more details and get exciting products that can engage more audiences for you!

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Website Development With The iT Gurus Software!

Having a business means building a website for better reach. We now have many ways and many sites to build a website most conveniently. But at the same time, we also know that self-built websites are not satisfying enough. We cannot build a website by self if our business is into e-commerce. All the website owners are always concerned about their website’s security. Hence, they spend less to build it and spend more on maintaining and protecting it.

Here at iT Gurus Software, we build your website keeping the security on priority. Websites like e-commerce with a payment gateway are built with keeping the security on priority. iT Gurus Software has multiple teams to build the websites keeping it error-free and make it look the most attractive. A pro team of developers, designers, writers, marketing, strategy, etc work day and night to make your website the most creative, unique, and safe.

iT Gurus Software is known as the best after-sales support for their clients. We make the project error-free during developing it so that our clients do not face any issues after the website is live!

We make it a point that we discuss the exact thoughts that our clients have in their imagination, and we make the project beyond our client’s expectations. To make the websites with futuristic designs, easy to manure, secure, scalable, and successful is our USP.

We also have a research team that is always ready to monitor our client’s competitors so that we make sure that our client’s project is the most sight catching in its area. We also do understand our client’s audience well and master in all the sectors of business.

The iT Gurus Software does this for you with passion as our creators love what they are doing and take their jobs seriously for you to be satisfied.

Click now to contact us!

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iT Gurus…Developers of the most reliable iOS Applications!

In the era of mobiles, laptops, desktops, e-note books, internet, etc, the world has come closer and has become smaller which fits in one single screen. However, to run these devices, we need some specific applications that can run smoothly and without hampering your device!

There are different makes of apps for different operating systems. We have tons of apps for Android, Windows, and iOS! Nowadays, people prefer buying iOS devices as they claim to be bug-free. Well … that is true at a point. The device is bug-free, however, the apps aren’t. We have to make the apps bug free and hack-proof so that they can run on your iOS device.

Knowing the high demand of today’s market where over 40% of people use iOS devices thinking about their bug-free life. But at the same time, they have to compromise on some specific applications which the iOS device doesn’t support. Well, to be honest, there are many applications which the iOS devices don’t support or prohibit from downloading. Hence, companies like the iT Gurus Software launch their applications in versions of Windows, Android, and iOS so that all the users can download and install the user-friendly apps on their devices.

Let us discuss about the Futuristic iOS App Development done by the iT Gurus Software! Now everyone wants to save time, hence we go for applications. Applications bring us the easy way in our daily personal and professional life. Developing iOS applications is not easy as it takes an immense amount of brain to design and build it with safety features!

The iT Gurus Software has a dedicated team that works day and night just to develop and study iOS applications. The maximum applications built by the Gurus are for professional use and are 100% safe and scalable! The iT Gurus Software targets on making the applications user-friendly to save the users time to study the app or use it. Using a top-class security system while building the application is the USP of iT Gurus Software!

The iT Gurus Software has become the most favorite for many companies who believe in having the applications user-friendly, budget-friendly, successful, scalable, and 100% secure!

Developing the applications before the targeted deadline and testing the applications with a well-trained testing team makes the Gurus stand tall in its class!

So why wait? Click to get the most trusted iOS Applications!

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Get Most Secured Healthcare Systems!

We are in a world where many software are launched for our daily work to get simplified!

We all know that saving our vital data on our computers or phones is never safe. Hence secured software are introduced in the market to save your data and simplify your daily work.

Today we will be talking about software that are designed for healthcare. As we all know that healthcare professionals are loaded with vital data. They have to be sure about the software that they are using. Hence, they go for some heavily built software to protect their data.

However, by using a heavily built software, you may have to compromise on the easiness of its usage. There are many software in the market which are complicated to use. This may make the user give up on the software at a point, as no one wants to waste their time in filling tons on information to login.

Let’s go ahead and talk about a company that can help you with 100% secure, scalable, and successful products to soften your daily work and keeping your budget in mind.

The iT Gurus Software … iT Gurus Software was incorporated in the year 2009 in Mumbai. We started as an app development company providing multiple IT related services to our clients. App development, Website design and development, and iOS app development are some of our well versed key areas. We are known as a consulting firm specializing in cutting edge and highly skilled technology areas. We also have a massive circle of outsourcing companies in Pune and Mumbai.

At iT Gurus Software, we believe in maintaining a well-versed business approach, covering process, delivery, business, and technology innovations that help to work collaboratively with customers.

The perfect knowledge of producing products that are successful, scalable, and 100% secure makes us the real Gurus of technology.

We definitely are a budget-friendly App Development Company in Pune! Having superb expertise in Web design and development!

The iT Gurus Software has proved the security issues wrong as we build the healthcare software using HIPAA security, AKA Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act. HIPAA is an act of security used to build healthcare software. The iT Gurus makes the software ready by providing inbuilt HIPAA security for the product to be 100% secure and scalable! Using HIPAA in the software helps your data to get encrypted and be safe on the server!

Along with the security part, iT Gurus are well known to develop easy to use and successful healthcare software. As the software are user-friendly, they are safe and easy enough to be used in daily work.

So if you want a secured healthcare software, you can now contact The iT gurus and experience the future of information technology!

To know more, you can click on

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Many Benefits…One Place…The iT Gurus Software!

Our main business strategy is to attract SME companies who often find it difficult to effectively manage both the business and technology aspects of software product development.

We offer them to be their software house for all technology requirements, and it helps them to concentrate more where they are good at, i.e. getting business. This approach eventually turns out to be a mutually rewarding engagement for both the customers and for us.

Common Problems for SME customers:

  • Continuously evolving technologies means that they need to evolve their product offerings to remain competitive.
  • Having a dedicated in-house IT team doesn’t work for most of the SME, due to the increased cost and liabilities of having people employed.
  • The over-burdened middle management team lacks complex project and technology management skills.

Here is where our opportunity to become a “Preferred Technology partner” comes into the picture.

Selecting iT Gurus Software as your preferred technology partner has the following advantages:

  • We provide expertise in the latest cutting edge technologies so that the customer can remain competitive in the product market.
  • Value addition while developing the software.
  • Lower cost to market and increased speed to market. The cost-saving helps customers to focus on the key strategic business model.

So why wait? Get the best software, apps, and other smart IT technologies at work. Click now for more details!

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Want to get the Best IT Services During & Post Lockdown?

As we all are working from home during the lockdown, there are many glitches faced by companies when it comes to providing or receiving IT Services.

However, as we at the iT Gurus Software had kept all challenges open for ourselves, we are facing no glitches during the lockdown!

Hence, we can say that we are providing you with the best IT Services during the lockdown too!

We at iT Gurus Software are helping you develop software and applications for your business to make you run a smart company, while we all are working from home. We have always believed in providing you with the best software that can run error-free and those that are the most scalable. Hence, we build our software using VAPT and HIPAA security!

Along with developing the most scalable and secure products, we also provide other IT services to you. Also, to add on, we do provide you with the best Digital Marketing services for your websites and business to be always on top of the search list!

So if you want to have a budget-friendly software, web and mobile applications, services that can take your business on the top, and 100% security, contact the iT Gurus software now and be a part of the most creative world of IT!

So if you are facing any problems with your current software or want any IT Services during and post lockdown, click now to contact us!

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We Are Continuing To Develop Scalable Software For You During The Lockdown!

Like every other company, even our dedicated employees are working from home keeping your software development on priority! The demand for certain software has increased as the entire country is working from home.

If we talk about technology and software, there are many software that comes and goes. However, the easiest to use and scalable software remains till the end. We usually get notifications on upgrading your software, however once upgraded your device may run slow. Scalable software are those that are scalable, 100% safe, easy to use, and can get upgraded easily!

We are living in today, and today is the time when we are surrounded and connected with transcendental technologies around us! We have software, apps, websites for almost every business in the world. Holding hands with technology helps us to be noticed worldwide. If we talk about the benefits of today’s world technology, it may take a couple of days to list down all the benefits. However, where there are tons of benefits, there are certain look after as well.

 No system or software is 100% secure or scalable. It’s us who try to get the IT products secured after we buy them, resulting in heavy expense and less satisfaction. We all prefer our data to be safe and accounts to be hack-proof. However, performing a security installation after using the IT product is almost as having no security, as the damage may have already begun.

So how do we stay away from hackers, unwanted viruses, and other related issues? Well, it’s really simple … All we have to do is get your security system installed while your software is being developed.

IT Gurus Software, a software/app development company from India, does the same for its clients. They design the products keeping scalability and security on the priority list and hence, till date none of the iT Gurus clients have faced any problem in terms of product security.

After complete research of other systems that were hacked or dead due to the virus, iT Gurus tech team discovered that those systems facing security issues were either running without security, or they had the security installed after using the products. We have also discovered that even if the product is in use without any security and is running fine, it may face a bit more expense to get the security installed in it. Hence, it is always scalable and secure to load the products with security systems while they are being made.

We usually neglect the security part while ordering or buying any software as we always want to try it first and then get it secured.

However, being in this habit may cause serious damage and the software may not be fixed ever.

Let’s run with the technology with complete safety by opting for products that were built with security.

We are doing all this with complete seriousness while we and you are working from home!

Let’s be safe and let’s not promote pirated or crack versions as they may not be trusted in any means. Going for a certified security system comes with a specific warranty and can be maintained easily.

You can get in touch with the iT Gurus Software tech team for more information by clicking and get all the required updates on how we make your products achieve high success, 100% scalability, and 100% security!

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